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Cityware - Urban Design and Pervasive Systems

Cityware is a research project that is dedicated to researching the essence of how urban design and architecture come together. Urban design affects how cities and landscapes solve their problems related to living in an urban area. Cityware uses knowledge from architecture to assess the needs of people who live in urban spaces from how they interact one on one to how wireless communication is part of their lives.

The solutions Cityware creates

There are plenty of solutions to architectural issues that cities face, all that needs to be done is look at design, execution and evaluation in order to find these solutions. Take a look at some of the issues that Cityware can help to find solutions for:

Lack of space: It is crucial to create solutions for lack of space, which can happen in rapidly developing urban spaces. This is why urban design is required and research projects such as Cityware can help to brainstorm suitable ideas on how to deal with space in an urban context.

Infrastructure: One important detail about city-living is how infrastructure affects citizens. Features such as how interaction and operability work together for the infrastructure of a city. Cityware uses its knowledge of human-computer interaction to come up with working solutions for infrastructure issues with the help of its partners and funding from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

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